We feel them when we are alone, we hear them in the dark, we see them in our nightmares.

Dystopia is coming…

For thousands of years there has been another realm that sits parallel to ours. This place is full of dark creatures and demons, some of which have crept into our own myths and legends. It is called Dystopia!

Dystopia is one of many planes in our dimension and is the most malevolent. There are three leaders of this realm, known as the Desomites. The Desomites desperately seek to tear down the veil between our world and theirs.

Over many years, the Dystopian legions have been breaking down this barrier. At times they have been able to penetrate the veil for a moment to torment us in our dreams, hunt us when we’re alone, attacking our minds, bodies and souls.

The Desomites and their legions are now gathering in the deep of Dystopia to break down the veil forever and lay down eternal suffering and torment to our world. They feel the power of the veil dwindling to its end and as the Dystopian prophecy proclaims:

“There is a night that all humans fear most, a night when the veil is at its weakest, when the Dystopian horde ascends upon the world and on all humans harvest”.


In this exciting Augmented Reality game horror is brought to life in your town, street and even in your own home. You will need to explore the world around you and trap as many of these horrific monsters as you can. Then use magic to control them and develop their powers so you can use them to battle their own kind!

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