Dystopia Creatures

*Creatures are shown in order from lowest level to the most AWESOME!!

Grime - Seen at Level 1 - Evolves into Gruel

These creatures are the newly turned flesh eating undead. The zombie legions are not the strongest but have the most in numbers compared to the other Dystopian races.

Gruel - Seen at level 3 - Or evolved from Grime

These zombies are older than the Grimes. They are your typical braindead zombies just waiting for the next meatbag to walk by to feast on.

Lyca - Seen at level 1 - Evolves into Lycanite

Lycas' are the youngest creatures of the Lycanthrope race. Part human and part beast, Vladimir had cursed humans with this affliction to pull them into Dystopia and make them his minions.

Lycanite - Seen at level 3 - Or evolved from Lyca

Lycanites are more ancient than the Lyca's and have been doing Vladimirs bidding for hundreds of years. These Lycanthropes grow weary of this and seek for an uprising!

Makare - Seen at level 1 - Evolves into Makiel

Makares are bottom feeders of the vampire race, they used to be human in form with an insatiable lust for the powers of darkness. Vladimir used this against them and gave them just enough to be monstrous but not considered worthy.

Makiel - Seen at level 3 - Or evolved from Makare

Makiels have worked their way up from Makares and earned their way up through the vampire ranks. They are the most loyal to Vladimir, by fear of being cast down to the bottom of their race again.

Gargon - Seen at level 1 - Evolves into Gromlin

Gargons are very low level demons, although generally demons can put up quite a fight against other Dystopian races. Demons are quite powerful in themselves.

Gromlin - Seen at level 3 - Or evolved from Gargon

The gromlins are more evolved than the Gargons. These types of lower level demons like to hunt and prey though your nightmares.

Sloth - Seen at level 1 - Evolves into Fester

Sloths are zombies that originated from a gruesome deteriorating disease, their bite is not infectious like other zombies. Although their appetite leaves nothing behind to infect anyway.

Fester - Seen at level 6 - Or evolved from Sloth

These zombies are the more evolved counterparts to the Sloths. Their minds and bodies have evolved over time to the disease that inflicts them. They are are not as feral as the Sloths.

Basaltine - Seen at level 1 - Evolves into Baskiel

Basaltines can fight alongside their male counterparts, the Haundos but they are also duty bound as breeders for their more elite fighters.

Baskiel - Seen at level 6 - Or evolved from Basaltine

These creatures are stronger, stealthier and more powerful than their younger forms, the Basaltines and so most have a place alongside the Haundos in the Blood Beast squadrons.

Zafina - Seen at level 1 - Evolves into Zantium

Zafinas are Minas most trusted and loyal subjects. They flock around her and bend to her every whim, as Minas ever loving subjects. 

Zantium - Seen at level 6 - Or evolved from Zafina

The Zantiums act as Minas body guards. Though Mina created the Zantiums, so that their connection was stronger, their loyalties reside with Vladimir. Vlad has an encombassing gift for seducing the mind and likes to keep creatures under his will.

Zila - Seen at level 1 - Evolves into Empusa

Zilas are demons that like to prey on the sick and the weak. They are not greatly powerful themselves and so find easy targets to torture.

Empusa - Seen at level 6 - Or evolved from Zila

These creatures are the older counter parts of the Zilas. Over time they have adapted to make perfectly healthy creatures and humans sick and weak, to begin torturing them from within.

Lilu - Seen at level 9 - Evolves into Lilite

Lilu are Liliths fledgling spawn, created in her dark and seducting encounters with male humans. Lilu can therefore be very varied creatures depending on whether their genetic attributes come more from Lilith or from their human fathers.

Lilite - Seen at level 12 - Or evolved from Lilu

Lilites are evolved versions of the Lilu, they have completely embraced their mother Liliths wicked ways and powers. However, as they are still part human they have until now been forbidden to enter our world for fear of diluting their demonic line any further.

Necro - Seen at level 9 - Evolves into Lurker

The Necros are the female versions of the Inertias. They have a very twisted interest in children, they love nothing more than striking fear into little children before devouring them.

Lurker - Seen at level 12 - Or evolved from Necro

Lurkers are more adapted than the Necros and form part of the "Lurks" specialist zombie squadron. They still prey on the children of earth but they also enslave them to trick other children into the Lukers grasp. This is prime replenishment for the zombie Legions.

Haundo - Seen at level 9 - Evolves into Haundoom

Haundos' are the top henchmen of the Lyncanthrope army. They are ferocious, unstoppable in packs and so form the elite squadrons, known as "The Blood Beasts"

Haundoom - Seen at level 12 - Or evolved from Haundo

Haundooms' are more ancient than the Haundos'. They are more powerful, more cunning and hold more senior positions in the Blood Beast squadrons.

Mormon - Seen at level 9 - Evolves into Morvoren

The Mormons are vampire fledglings, they are Vladimirs children of the night. They learn and are nurtured by the master himself to stand beside him to whatever means.

Morvoren - Seen at level 12 - Or evolved from Mormon

Morvorens are the elite fighters for Vladimirs army, known as the "Dracoi". From vampire fledglings, the Morvorens have grown in strength, speed, agility and have formed their unique dark gifts.

Freya - Seen at level 6 - Evolves into Hecate

Freya is a younger version of Hecate. She has some valuable tricks up her sleeves when using her dark gifts but she hasn’t yet learnt the ways of necromancy like Hecate has yet.

Hecate - Seen at level 6 - Or evolved from Freya

Hecate is a powerul witch of necromancy. She specialises in the dark arts but her true power is the manipulation of the dead. They are paticularly tricksie when they meddle with zombie and vampire affairs.

Sati - Seen at level 9 - Evolves into Satrina

Sati is a younger witch and still coming into her seering abilities. She can see the near future and is still a unique creature in the eyes of the Desomites but her abilites are not as evolved as Satrinas.

Satrina - Seen at level 12 - Or evolved from Sati

Satrina is a very apt seer of the witches. She is often used as a consort to the Desomites, who use her valuable abilities to see what lies ahead in the future and what they can use to their advantage.

Enkei - Seen at level 12 - Evolves into Acolyte

Enkeis are mid level demons that humans are unfortunately all too familiar with. These demons possess but they are not as strong as the Acolytes, so their possesion is more puppeteering than anything else.

Acolyte - Seen at level 12 - Or evolved from Enkei

The Acolytes are more evolved than the Enkeis. These demons like to take over our minds and bodies and slowly eat away at our souls.

Inertia - Seen at level 9 - Evolves into Enigma

The Inertias' have an all consuming rage about them. They move at a freakily quicker pace than most zombies and are very crazed creatures.

Enigma - Seen at level 9 - Or evolved from Inertia

Enigmas are older than the Inertias' and over time have adapted uncanny senses of smell and sound. This combined with their speed is why they are perfect soldiers for the "Lurks" squadron.

Akmon - Seen at level 15 - Evolves into Akabar

Akmons are the younger descendants of Anubis himself and come from a warrior lineage. They form a large part of the Demon hoards specialist units, the "Possesors".

Akabar - Seen at level 15 - Or evolved from Akmon

Akabars are older than the Akmons and so hold senior positions in the Possesor units. They are fierce, barbaric warriors with unrelenting allegiance to their ancestor, Anubis.

Kea - Seen at level 15 - Evolves in Kali

Keas' are the younger pure demonic spawn of Lilith. These creatures as well as their older siblings, the Kalis', form part of Liliths demonic army to cause more pain and chaos to our world and target male humans. 

Kali - Seen at level 15 - Or evolved from Kea

Kalis' are stealthy seductresses of the night. There ways are more dominating and vengeful that any other of Liliths spawn. They will seduce male humans and then destroy everyone close and dear to them before finally butchering their victim.

Frankenstien - Seen at level 18 - Special character

Frankenstiens loyaties do not rest with any of the Dystopian races. The zombie legions are ever trying to recruit him to their ranks, the Dracoi have instructions to enslave him for Vlads purposes and the demons see him as an abomination and not a true creature of Dystopia.

Insomnia - Seen at level 18 - Special character

Insomnia is Flayers female companion. It is said that Flayer and Insomnia were two of earths most savage serial killer couples, who liked to torture and finally flay their victims.

Deadmeat - Seen at level 18 - Special character

Deadmeat is the Lord Commander of the zombie legions. Zombies are not the strongest creatures of Dystopia, so Deadmeat ensures that they are well replenished and tactfully led with the aid of the "Lurks". 

Nenki - Seen at level 18 - Special character

Nenki is general to Cerberus' Lycanthrope army. She has led a multitude of savage attacks on our world, some leaving whole villages butchered.

Draxium - Seen at level 18 - Special character

Draxium is Vladimirs one and only prodigy. No-one knows why Vlad shows such adoration and bestows such powerful gifts to Draxium but in doing so, Drax rules the Dracoi for Vlad.

Mina - Seen at level 18 - Special character

Mina was a devoted wife to Vladimir in their human lives. A great sadness and loss overcame her with her husbands insatiable and evil lust for revenge, causing the death of their only son. Mina now in her vampiric form stands by Vlads side out of duty but nothing more.

Balthazar - Seen at level 18 - Special character

Balthazar is one of the strongest demons of Dystopia. He is about as old as Lilith but does not match her power and has been trying to push himself into Anubis' position for a very long time.

Anubis - Seen at level 18 - Special character

Anubis is Liliths second in command of the demon hoards. He is known to be an almighty leader of armies and is a unique deflector of the witches Sati and Satrinas serring abilities, which is another valuable asset to Lilith.

Flayer - Seen at level 20 - 1 of 4 Top special characters

Flayer is leader of the zombie legions. He rules with his companion Insomnia, although Insomnia is more play than leadership. He relies on his right hand zombie Deadmeat to carry out their infectious plans for domination.

Cerberus - Seen at level 20 - 1 of 4 top special characters

Cerberus is not to be challenged...it is said that Cerberus came from the Hell dimension itself! He does not take orders, does not play well with others and is the leader of the Lycanthropes.

Vladimir - Seen at level 20 - 1 of 4 top special characters

Vlad the Impaler, was such a monstrous, blood craving human. That his lust and prayers for more vengeful gore, were heard by the Desomites. They transformed him into the gruesome monster that he had become and lives to exact his evil on our world with his vampiric army.

Lilith - Seen at level 20 - 1 of 4 top special characters

Lilith is the succubus queen of the Dystopian demon hoards. She commands all manor of dark and evil creatures and is one of the most ancient and feared creatures of Dystopia and our world.