Sometimes I just like some dark shit! Horror Lover!

So this is actually my first ever blog post, although I've been meaning to start blogging for quite some time. I found myself procrastinating way too much...What should I write? What would people want to read?

I recently read "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck" by Mark Manson, an awesome book, kind of a self help thing (which I'd normally not catch myself dead reading) but it is a brilliant book and I've read it over and over again. It's encouraged me to be who I am and do what I want to do regardless of if some people will perceive me to be a weirdo or maybe even a shitty person. It's taught me to not try, it's taught me (just as the title suggests) to not give a fuck!

I tend to find a lot of things interesting and I like to try doing a lot of different things in my spare time. Whether that's making mobile apps, making comic books or currently screenwriting. The one thing that remains constant is my love for horror and making horror, in one form or another.

I fell in love with screenwriting as soon as I started and while I brainstormed many ideas of what I'd like my first screenplay concept to be, I decided to go with the most controversial. I wanted my first original horror feature screenplay to be something that truly horrifies me. I wanted to write a story that impacts both primal nature and fear.

Whilst I do feel that as I continue to write further horror screenplays in future that I will probably write some more palatable films to wider audiences (I mean I'm not an intense person 24/7). I am definitely going to write films that people are either going to love (in their own twisted little way) or going to hate.

My first screenplay is called DEFILED. It's about a psychiatrist, who whilst helping her niece overcome the mental turmoil of being raped, becomes victim to supernatural sexual attacks. She battles with internal afflictions and doubts, questioning if this is her own sanity crumbling or whether something more sinister is at play.

DEFILED evokes that deep primal fear within me of being subject to gruesome sexual assault and fuelled further by the notion of being truly helpless in that terrifying situation when up against a real un-killable monster and not just a metaphorical one. DEFILED also plays on the animalistic sexual impulse of human nature. It's normal to find images of sexual things erotic and when this is shown in an immoral way, some people will find it appalling or will find it engaging in a horrifying way.

That is the point in horror and as a creator of horror and to be a proud creator of horror, I want to hit some of those deep rooted primal emotions.

This is the first version of my very first screenplay, so it is of course going to be shit and I have now written two other screenplays where I am now starting to hone my craft and find my voice, so now I am completely re-writing DEFILED. It has been interesting however, to see the reactions of friends and family that have read some of the first version of the script. None of them have the same taste for horror as I do and I don't think any of them quite realised how much I love horror and how dark my own mind can get. People that don't love horror, don't really get why people do and why people "subject" themselves to it.

Which leads me perfectly onto deciding to end it here for my first blog post. For my next blog post I'll be writing about why people who love it. Of course I'll be giving you all a peek as to why I love horror and some more insight as to how this feeds into my screenplays.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this post and to share what you love about horror and why and I’ll include some of your views on the next blog!

Have a good one, Jaye