Dystopia - Horror AR featured on horror & Gaming websites this week!!!

It has most certainly been an eventful week!

The last co-ordinates went into our global database today to ensure everyone worldwide playing Dystopia is not short on checkpoints and portals to collect free in-game items and access to battle of other players and their monster squads!!

Final testing can now begin on the horror indiegame app and on track for a Halloween launch! If you got all your halloween weekend plans sorted but nothing for the 31st, then this awesome new horror app that doesn't cost you anything will be perfect for you halloween and horror lovers!

I'm also extremely pleased to announce that in just the last 7 days Dystopia has also been featured on FearwithBeer.com, SoGoodGaming.com and MorbidlyBeautiful.com! The support and interest has been amazing and a BIG thank you to these guys! Each of their articles brings a different flavour to upcoming app and they've done a great job on them all, you can view the articles here:




Wanted to now also take the opportunity to give you guys some sneak peek screenshots of the game now that were coming rapidly up to launch date!!


Dystopia – The New Pokemon Go Game For Horror Fans!