Dystopia – The New Pokemon Go Game For Horror Fans!

Have you indulged in the idea of a horror version of PokemonGo? We have and it’s coming to your reality soon!


When PokemonGo hit the app stores, yes it was a huge success because of its hugely popular brand but it also sparked the imaginations of people around the globe of other fantastical things that could be brought into their reality through gaming.

The one idea I heard time and time again and that I marveled at as a lifelong horror fan was a HORROR version of PokemonGo! The very idea of roaming around a graveyard or a creepy wood at night with horrific monsters popping out at me had me sold and so Dystopia was born.

This is my first major app and it is being designed in a way to set up the Dystopia franchise. This is not just an app; it’s a story that all horror fans will be able to immerse themselves in.

This first installment of the Dystopia franchise is an augmented reality game app like PokemonGo, you search the real world around you to find and capture the Dystopian monsters that have entered our realm.


You upgrade and evolve them to create the most ferocious monsters you can and battle against friends at the portals spread across our world.


Will you control all the Dystopian races or be a master of one great legion?


Dystopia inhabits all manner of dark and evil creatures but they all have their own strengths, allegiances and agendas. You can choose to capture all of the Dystopian creatures or choose to rule the werewolf packs, the demon hoards, the zombie armies, the vampire clans or the specialty unit that harbors the witches and Frankenstein himself!


Dystopia coming Halloween!!

Dystopia - Horror AR featured on horror & Gaming websites this week!!!