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Whether you're a fan of horror generally, love horror graphic novels, creepypasta, horror games or want to keep up with horror news...We'll be building something for every horror fan!


Jaye Adams

Founder of Dystopia RIP

Hi, I'm Jaye and thanks so much for visiting my website and judging by your visit, you are also on the constant hunt for more horror content to embrace!

That is exactly what I have set out to do by founding Dystopia RIP and build a continuous range of horror apps for all us horror fans to enjoy and I get to enjoy creating the horror. Win, Win!

 I am a lifelong horror fan and I'm obsessed with everything and anything to do with horror. Twitter in particular has been great to me for the horror community, as I don't actually have that many people around me at all that have the same interest in horror as I do.

I started to grow interested in horror and technology, particularly mobile technology (I'm usually glued to my phone). We have so much access to socialism, news, stories, games and all sorts through apps but haven't you ever used these apps and thought this would be so much cooler if it was horror related?!

Well, we've only just started to get going! Check out the Apps section for apps you can already download and ones in development. Get in touch and tell me what you think, if you have an idea or proposition or just want to connect to another horror fanatic!





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