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Dystopia RIP is a collection of blogs, articles and reviews exploring the dark and delicious world of Horror.

Including original short horror stories, loglines and synopsis of horror screenplays written by Jaye Adams.

I’m Jaye Adams, a horror fan, advocate and screenwriter.


A Brief History

It is indeed a brief history as we are a very new site and were born on the 17th March 2019!

My history with horror however, is a long and intimate one and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realise that I cannot only enjoy the hoards of horror out there but that I can also create my own works of horror!

From the horror fan inside, we’ll be featuring weekly blogs, articles and reviews on comics and books to podcasts and films. I love nothing more than talking horror, so if you have something you’d like me to write about or you have your own horror project then absolutely get in touch!

From the horror writer inside, all original short stories and screenplay loglines and synopsis will be showcased on the site. Again I love talking horror, so I’ll say it again…Get in touch, whether through the site, through comments or social media. I want to hear your thoughts and takes on horror and on the stories and concepts that come up in this dark little twisted brain of mine!

I hope you enjoy and I hope I speak to you soon, Jaye.